Thank U.Po UP Pep Squad

I was a late bloomer when it comes to school activism. During college, I was just school, home, org, school, home, org. That’s about it. Never had the chance to join rallies. And I wasn’t able to watch UAAP games live, UAAP Cheerdance included. So after graduation, when I had the chance I always see to it that I was there live. Even resorting to scalped Patron tickets just watch the UP Pep Squad live. And then I took videos of them to place on my Youtube channel ( And as if it wasn’t enough, I also watch them during their Elevate concerts. Yes I am a fan!


And when I found the news that they were skipping this year’s competition, I was sadden. But I will stand by them. And I admire them even more. So today, while every team are busy preparing for their routines in Araneta, I will pay homage to their greatness by sharing with you my videos from some of their routines during the past Cheerdance Competitions. Enjoy!

And last Wednesday, they held their annual Pep Rally to honor their true supporters. These should have been their competition routine (CTTO):