All For The Metal Card

Two days ago, the world of Philippine Starbucks card collectors suddenly went to a sudden stop with the release of the Special Edition Holiday Card with metal wrap. Excitement was first felt when it was announced officially several weeks back. This will be this year’s installment of the special edition cards after the much-coveted Swarovski card (which I don’t have). So here’s my story…

I started collecting PH cards since last year. But not the hardcore kind like the rest. I basically just want to have a copy of each card released here for personal viewing. What I do was to use up the load then register it to an email address to avail of the drink. Big mistake! Apparently, just like with toys, if you scratch the cards PIN and remove the front sticker, it devalues the card. So more than half of my collection has zero value now.

So when I learned of this special edition card to be released December 5, I promised myself to get my hands on it. Just like the researcher that I am, I verified the date of release. I asked some baristas of the shortlisted branches where it will be released. I did viewing of the branches near me, confirming of the different store hours and estimating the crowd of the stores to check out competition. And I’m ready for the final presentation. But like in any projects that I’ve handled before, we may experience unforeseen events. Change in specs that will somehow skew your data thus the need to weigh! And that’s what I did.

So 515 Shaw was my branch of choice for several points: opening time, crowd, and parking. So set alarms of my 2 phones so I could wake up at 5:30am. At first I was thinking of prepping up for office so that I will go to work right after but last minute I changed my mind. In just shorts and a shirt, drove all the way to Shaw. After I parked, I saw the line already by the entrance. No big deal! I think there were only around 15 people there. Based on my research, they will be releasing 50 cards per branch. If a person can buy a maximum of 2 cards, then being within the first 25 is safe. I was 15th in line, I think. Then the bomb was dropped. Only 25 cards will be released (not sure if the baristas hoarded them or what). So being the 15th person, there goes my chances. Several people already left upon hearing this. Was contemplating at first, were they being serious or just bluffing? Hearing some of the people considering other branches as far as Makati made me realize that I have to have a plan B…ASAP! Time is running out.

So I went in my car and just drove away. Checking on the list again, I have 2 options left: Capitol Commons or Greenhills. I decided against Capitol Commons because I assumed that given they are 24 hours, stocks may have ran out by that time. So I decided to drive away and try my luck at Greenhills Promenade which will open by 8:00am. When I reached Greenhills, I first scanned Theater Mall and saw a line just outside. The heck! I parked my car at Promenade and ran my way towards the Theater Mall branch. I am number 8! Parang yung movie lang haha! So after almost an hour, I got these!


Thanks also to fellow card collectors that I’ve met there. Til next year!