A FOURgettable Week

They say bad luck comes in three’s. Upon counting what transpired the past week (just the 2nd week of November), there have been four already. Though the first three may have no direct impact on me, the repercussions may be felt by most people, even several miles away.

Just this Tuesday, a very bad news got delivered by the Supreme Court with regards to the decade long issue haunting all Martial Law victims. During the early months of President Duterte’s term, he issued a directive signalling the burying of Ferdinand Marcos’ remains in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Soldiers and past presidents who served the country have reserved slots in this place. What DU30 mentioned alongside his directive is that whether a hero or not, Marcos deserves to be buried there for being a soldier and a past president. But the other camp has been contesting this for decades since there are unresolved cases with regards to human rights violations during the Martial Law era and the ill-gotten wealth that their family has amassed. Thus the filing of TRO by the SC to temporarily halt the directive and further discuss the validity of such orders. With a vote of 9-5 in favor of the said burial, SC on November 8 cleared all legal obstacles. This started a backlash in the streets and online, some even berating the 9 justices. I’m not really familiar with how the law works, nor did I experience firsthand the atrocities during the Marcos regime. My parents were even Loyalists back then. But this I have to say. I really think the SC should have considered all issues haunting Marcos and the Martial Law era. It doesn’t take a genius to tell that human rights violations indeed happen during the decades long rule. Thousands of lives lost would somehow be telling if indeed Marcos deserves to be even called a hero. Otherwise they should just change the name of the LNMB to accommodate him. Say, Libingan ng mga Sundalo at Pangulo? This way, no egos will be hurt on the process. I stand by my decision of voting for DU30, but this is one issue that I am strongly against him. I hope he would learn to distance himself from personal alliances which would greatly affect his decisions. His allegiance with the Marcoses will be in a way put malice to his decisions especially those tied with the said family (e.g. election cases filed by BBM vs. COMELEC and disputes vs. Robredo’s VP win). He should be true to his promises of bringing change and not bringing back the haunting past. He’s now representing the 100M Filipino people, pro or against him, so he should always consider what’s for the greater good.


The following day, November 9 (RP time), the US Elections took place. And contrary to most polls, Trump just trumped Clinton getting the majority of the electoral votes (290 vs. 228). Despite getting majority of the popular votes, it will be the end for the Democrats in the oval office. I may not directly be affected by this outcome, having no green card nor US visa, I fear that this will somehow affect the RP-US relations, the number of Filipino immigrants in the US, and the current BPO industry. Trump during his campaign clearly said that he will prioritize American employment, singling out the outsource of several BPO services. Not to mention Trump’s words inspiring racism, inequality over women, and recognition of LGBT causes.

The next day at about, 3 in the afternoon, the ground shook. Not sure what I was doing then but I didn’t feel anything. I would have not known it if not for a twitter post. Epicenter at Cavite rated intensity 5 but was felt at intensity 3 in QC. Having felt the earthquake several years ago while in the 21st floor of our office building, it was really scary. Seeing the next building swaying sideways literally was still giving me chills. A feeling that I don’t wanna feel again soon. I just hope this will not open up to the big one.

Lastly, and probably the most disheartening of all, we just learnt that the mass in my Dad’s lungs almost doubled in a span of 2 years. Back in 2014, the pulmonologist from UST bravely said to us that it has high chance of being malignant as seen in the CT scan. We didn’t proceed to a biopsy as our dad is not that strong anymore and we fear that it will just do more harm than good. And besides, if confirmed, we won’t even proceed with the treatment. So we relied in alternative chinese medicine, visiting Dr. Tan of Binondo every Sunday. The 6 months turned to a year and counting. Then just this week, another complication was raised to us. Fluid in his lungs is building up. It may be fatal if prolonged. So now we’re trying to convince our Dad to have a minor surgery to drain the fluid. But this is not 100% safe as complications may arise. Infection may be experienced resulting to pneumonia, the one thing we greatly fear. Praying that we can surpass this and let our Dad spend his remaining years comfortably. Prayers will be very much appreciated.