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10 is a Milestone

PSRC has been my 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) home. It accepted me as a newbie in 2003 right after college, me having no clear direction of what I wanted to do. Wait, I distinctly remember that I really wanted to be a bank teller then thinking that I could be home by 3pm. LOL

It was mixed feelings when I left in 2005 right after Nanay died. I really liked what I did then but at the same time I felt that I needed a breather from the research world. Got exhausted from the load that my small team have been handling, yes just the 3 of us in Stat. Services. Not to mention the emotional trauma that my family experienced. Also, I really liked to try banking since most of my college friends were there...

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All For The Metal Card

Two days ago, the world of Philippine Starbucks card collectors suddenly went to a sudden stop with the release of the Special Edition Holiday Card with metal wrap. Excitement was first felt when it was announced officially several weeks back. This will be this year’s installment of the special edition cards after the much-coveted Swarovski card (which I don’t have). So here’s my story…

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