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Thank U.Po UP Pep Squad

I was a late bloomer when it comes to school activism. During college, I was just school, home, org, school, home, org. That’s about it. Never had the chance to join rallies. And I wasn’t able to watch UAAP games live, UAAP Cheerdance included. So after graduation, when I had the chance I always see to it that I was there live. Even resorting to scalped Patron tickets just watch the UP Pep Squad live. And then I took videos of them to place on my Youtube channel ( And as if it wasn’t enough, I also watch them during their Elevate concerts. Yes I am a fan!


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Like A Thief In The Night


Like a thief in the night, they sneaked in while everyone were preoccupied. Just like his decades-rule, he snatched democracy from this free country. He ruled with all his might, stepping on anyone and everyone who’ll stand on his way. Just like a thief in the night, he stole lives of people fighting for freedom from the inhumane Martial Law. Just like all his life, he was like a thief in the night, sneaking into the LNMB compound resting peacefully (hopefully NOT!) while victims of his rule have still not attained justice. Just like a thief in the night, he was, he is still, and will forever be a THIEF and not a hero!

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A FOURgettable Week

They say bad luck comes in three’s. Upon counting what transpired the past week (just the 2nd week of November), there have been four already. Though the first three may have no direct impact on me, the repercussions may be felt by most people, even several miles away.

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Crafted by Hand and Heart

Today marks the start of the 2017 Starbucks planner sticker promo. A total of 18 drinks (9 Holiday Featured and 9 Core Beverages) shall be purchased to get this year’s limited edition planner which comes in 2 designs, Coffee Stain and Blue Siren, both in regular and mini sizes. The inside pages are filled with watercolor designs and comes with free magnetic bookmark, eraseable pen (think Frixion pens), pouch, stickers, and the standard discount coupons.


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