10 is a Milestone

PSRC has been my 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) home. It accepted me as a newbie in 2003 right after college, me having no clear direction of what I wanted to do. Wait, I distinctly remember that I really wanted to be a bank teller then thinking that I could be home by 3pm. LOL

It was mixed feelings when I left in 2005 right after Nanay died. I really liked what I did then but at the same time I felt that I needed a breather from the research world. Got exhausted from the load that my small team have been handling, yes just the 3 of us in Stat. Services. Not to mention the emotional trauma that my family experienced. Also, I really liked to try banking since most of my college friends were there. I had the shortest stint though in the banking industry, officially 3 weeks if we are to include my several days of AWOL. Realized that the stiff banking protocols are too much for me so I left abruptly. In just a matter of weeks, I was back in the home where I felt so welcomed.


It was really difficult for me to adjust with new environments. I always cried when I was in daycare. It continued when I transferred to my first big school for kindergarten. When I entered UP, it was really culture shock. Took me a year, or two, to get adjusted to the university life and totally new faces.

But PSRC was different. For the first time I enjoyed coming to a place other than my house. I can still vividly remember my very first day. I arrived at the office super early only to find out that my team starts work at around 10am. I missed my first lunch date with college friends as a working professional because I was finishing programming over lunch. I worked overtime on my first day! The following day, the team was surprised that I even came to work. They thought that I will be giving up. Only then they’ve realized that they found a gem. LOL


Time really flies too fast. A lot has happened during those 10+2 years. Really a rollercoaster ride. So many downs but are equalized by the ups. Not to mention the genuine friendships that we’ve developed over time.


So I’d like to take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Sir Rico for hiring me and for setting the bar high. You were the boss that I was dreaming of working with after college. Thankfully, the heavens answered. Thanks Irene for having the patience to train me. You and Sir Rico were a really good complement and I was fortunate to have you two as mentors. Really learned a lot. To my Stat. Services and Data Science family, then and now. I am not an easy colleague and boss to work with. I’ve had my share of tantrums and sumpongs over missed deadlines, errors, and what nots. But always remember that whatever happens in the office should remain in the office. After 5:30pm or later or even the next day during overnights when we leave OMM, we are still friends. To my bestfriend in PSRC, Mang Weng, thank you for sincerely being there for me and my family. I will always cherish the friendship and the food on your table. To my current bosses, Ms. Judy, Ms. Tina, and Sir RJ, sorry for not being able to deliver at all times. Rest assured that I am working on your requests and expect them on your inbox soon. And to all friends I’ve met during my looooong stint in PSRC, the past, present, and future, always remember that MR work is no pushover regardless of what agency or company you’re working for. What makes PSRC special are the people. We will balance out all the stress of charting, running data tables, delayed fieldworks, and even processing segmentation. So cheer up and repeat this on your heads when the time comes that you feel like giving up: “This too shall pass”.


Cheers to another decade of fun!